Convention Schedule

Welcome to the 2022 Biennial Convention!

Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Kathryn Lybarger, President

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday July 26th

10:00am                   Convention Call to Order

Code of Conduct



Credentials Committee Report

Rules Committee Report

President’s Address

Executive Secretary-Treasurer’s Address

Panel on Organizing Young Workers

Committee Action: Policy, Resolutions and Legislation                                     Recommendations

Constitution Committee Report

In Memoriam

12:00pm                    Break for Lunch

12:15pm                   LUNCH PROGRAM

1:30pm                     General Session reconvened

1:45 pm                    Committee Action Recommendations (cont’d)

2:15pm                     Discussion with Amazon Labor Union leader Chris Smalls

3:00pm                    Action in support of San Francisco workers

5:30pm                     Conference Reception

6:30pm                     CONVENTION DINNER PROGRAM

Day 1 Proceedings

Wednesday, July 27th

Wednesday July 27th

9:00am                     Convention Reconvenes

9:10am                     Resolutions and Legislation Committee reports

9:15am                     Nevada AFL-CIO leader Susie Martinez

                                  Arizona AFL-CIO leader Fred Yamashita

9:30am                     Credentials Committee report

9:45am                     COPE Convention Call to Order

Endorsements for November 2022 General Election

U.S. House of Representatives
State Assembly

State Senate
U.S. Senate
California Statewide Constitutional Offices
Statewide Ballot Measures

1:30pm                     Swearing-in of incoming Executive Secretary-Treasurer

1:40pm                     Address by new Executive Secretary-Treasurer

2:00pm                    Convention adjourns